FAQ entry 2.09:

What's your policy on admirers? Are admirers welcome?

Yes, admirers are welcome. We've always been open to anybody who identifies with the theme of Pinkfest, and who agrees to behave as a lady or a gentleman (or both).

Speaking very freely, admirers do have a reputation of coming on very strong, and it is this behavior, not the mere fact that they are admirers, that makes them unwelcome at some t* gatherings.

Although this was written for another event, we would suggest that those who consider themselves to be admirers and want to attend Pinkfest thoroughly read the Diva Las Vegas Admirers' Guide. Most everything in that guide will also apply to Pinkfest.

Anyone of any gender, orientation, and persuasion will most likely be welcome at Pinkfest as long as they behave appropriately and respect the others who will be present.

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