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What is Pinkfest?

Pinkfest is the name given to an informal get-together of members of the transgender community, and their friends and guests, which happens in the fall in Chicago, IL, USA.

What do you do at Pinkfest?

We eat, drink, and be Mary.

Seriously, we spend a few days just being ourselves and take in the sights and activities of Chicago. There's shopping, dining, shows, clubs, sightseeing, socializing, etc. Read on for some examples of what you can expect.

When does this happen?

The dates for Pinkfest 2018 will be Tuesday evening, September 25 thru Sunday, September 30. These dates may now be considered final.

Pinkfest dates have now been set to begin the event on the last Tuesday in September unless specific circumsances prevent it.

What's the difference between Pinkfest and other events such as SCC, Fantasia Fair, Colorado Goldrush, etc?

Pinkfest is a vacation, not a convention.

Pinkfest is more informal, far less structured, and more real-life. It's more of an informal get-together to simply enjoy life and each other's company. (It's also far less expensive.)

Hey, this looks a lot like the Diva Las Vegas FAQ. What's the deal?

cat dlvfaq.html |sed "s/DLV/Pinkfest/g" >pinkfaq.html

Seriously, Pinkfest was started by some of the same people who first had the idea for Diva Las Vegas back in late 1996. If you've been to DLV, yes, you will see some familiar faces!

Ok, then, what's the difference between Pinkfest and Diva Las Vegas?

Well, obviously, Pinkfest is in Chicago and DLV is in Las Vegas. :)

Pinkfest is in the fall, DLV is in the spring. :)

Let's see, uh, what else? ...

Pinkfest is smaller, and probably will be smaller for at least the next several years. It's been mentioned several times that the recent Pinkfests had the look and feel of the earlier DLVs (1998-2000).

Both DLV and Pinkfest are vacations, not conventions.

It's a different setting, but a similar atmosphere. Good people, and activities that you will want to do.

Who sponsors Pinkfest?

Pinkfest has no formal organization or sponsorship. It is simply a group of individuals who agree to get together at more or less the same place at more or less the same time to enjoy the same activities and each other's company.

How long has this been going on?

The event we know as Pinkfest began in November of 2001.

Uh-huh, right after 9/11. :(

Pinkfest 2018 will be our 18th. annual Pinkfest!

Is Pinkfest a sexually-oriented event?

Nope, never has been, never will be. Likewise, Pinkfest is not a "fetish and fantasy" event.

Pinkfest is a social event for the TG community and is not sexually oriented.

How do I join the Pinkfest mailing list?

Just send a brief e-mail to: and state that you wish to join the mailing list.

Alternatively you can join the Pinkfest Yahoo group. The content will be the same on both of these.

How do I read the previous postings on the mailing list?

There are two ways to view the older posts on the Pinkfest mailing list:

1. Using our own list archives on MyDLV:

These archives go back to 2006.

2. Via Yahoo Groups:

You must be a Yahoo member and logged in to access this. Yahoo Pinkfest archives go back to 2007.

The content will be exactly the same on the mailing list, the on-line forum on MyDLV, and the Yahoo group. You will get the same exact information using all methods.

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