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Category 5: Transportation

How does everybody get to and from the various activities?

It depends. Some drive and have their own vehicle with them. Others rent a car at the airport.

However, many have found that Pinkfest is do-able and very enjoyable without having a car. Several Pinkfest activities are within easy walking distance from the popular hotels. Most of the others are close to subway, El, and Metra stations. History has shown that these methods of transportation are very "safe" to use.

The occasional taxi ride is often times quite less expensive than the cost of a rental car and parking.

For those who are uneasy taking public transportation, rides (at the rider's own risk, of course) will usually be available from others.

What about parking? I've heard it can be a nightmare in Chicago.

On-street parking in the Loop (downtown), River North district, and Lakeview (Boys Town) district can be a challenge. Parking is almost always available in convenient lots, but these can be expensive.

For downtown and River North hotels, parking is usually NOT included in the daily room rate. Some hotels do have convienient parking with easy 24 hour in/out access, but others do not. If you will have a vehicle, ask when making your hotel reservations.

Suburban hotels, clubs, and other facilities will usually have adequate free parking.

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