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Who sponsors Pinkfest?

Pinkfest has no formal organization or sponsorship. It's just a group of individuals who get together to celebrate life and enjoy each other's company.

Is Pinkfest affiliated with any other TG events?

Not really. The roots of Pinkfest and the roots of Diva Las Vegas are indeed intertwined, but there's no official connection. Attendees at either event are certain to see familiar faces from the other, however.

What do you suggest I do if I want to attend but I've never been out in public before?

You will be welcome to participate either as "brother" or "sister" (or both) depending on your preference.

If you wish, you will be free to transition from one mode to the other at a time that will be primarily determined by your own comfort level. You might plan your big "coming out" to be at a time such as an evening at a club that is known to be T-friendly. Several of those attending will be willing to help you as needed, and will give you feedback as to what you should do, and what may or may not be appropriate.

Play it by ear. You will know when you're ready to appear in public.

I don't know anybody else who's going. I feel a bit uneasy.

You may not know anybody else in advance, but you will indeed be among friends!

It's normal to be concerned about this when getting together with any group of people you do not already know. Please be assured that those who attend Pinkfest are very outgoing, very inclusive, and not in any way snobby or cliquish. Most of the people attending were at one time in exactly this situation themselves.

I'm curious about how the weather will be in Chicago during Pinkfest?

In several years we had good luck with weather, and the temperature hit 70. In 2002 we had one warm evening with cool rainy days. 2003 was cool but not cold. 2006 was our only cooler-than-desirable weather so far. In 2007 it was actually uncomfortably hot and humid some afternoons.

Since we're holding Pinkfest a few weeks earlier this year, we can expect, statistically, a few degrees warmer than in the past.

We've always had a great time, however, warm, cool, hot, cold!

Weather reports will be posted in the mailing list as the date approaches.

I'm going to be in the Chicago area soon. Any recommendations on where to go and what to do?

Yes, we now have our TG Guide to the Chicago Area and our Vendor, Club, and Resource List which can give you some good pointers ass to where to go and what to do.

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