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Category 4: Lodging

At what hotel is Pinkfest held?

None! Hotels are for sleeping, not for hiding!

Pinkfest is unlike most other TG events in that it is not centered around a hotel. Pinkfest is very much on-the-town, and activities happen in all kinds of venues, both mainstream and alternative.

Where is everybody staying? Is there an official or host hotel?

Recommended hotels, as well as other accommodation items, are announced and discussed on our mailing list and in the Discussion Forum.

As always, everybody is free to stay anywhere they choose, if they wish. Some of the people attending visit Chicago frequently and have their own favorite places to stay.

We've had people stay at all kinds of places, from hoity-toity highrise hotels downtown, to economy motels out in the 'burbs. No problems with hotel staff or other patrons were reported.

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